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Asiamold 2013 closes with exceptional praise from industry players

Concurrent fringe events promoted emerging innovations in mould making technology


Asiamold, the Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition, successfully concluded its seventh edition with one of the show’s most diverse collection of mould and die suppliers to date. Held from 24 – 26 September at Poly World Trade Centre Expo in Guangzhou, the show hosted 350 firms from 13 countries and regions, who utilised 20,000 sqm of exhibition space to showcase their latest assortment of products and solutions.


Manufacturing firms represented a large portion of visitors to the show, with production specialities including automobiles, electronics, home appliances, aeroplanes and associated components, ship building, telecommunications, consumer goods and medical devices. In total, 17,289 professionals visited the three-day event, as well as more than 60 visitor delegations from companies such as Adidas, BYD, Osram and Toyota, reaffirming the importance of Asiamold to the region’s growth.


Mr Louis Leung, Deputy General Manager, Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Ltd commented: “I am very pleased with the overall participation figures for exhibitors and visitors this year. Asiamold continues to prove its place as the annual destination for industry players to see all the latest trends in mould and die technology. The industry touches on so many important sectors in the regional and global economy. From my interaction with exhibitors and visitors, the 2013 show has served as a great tool in growing their businesses and making key industry contacts.”


Exhibitors at Asiamold were filled with praise for the show’s ability to connect them with their target audience. Whether they were selling moulds and dies or their ability to manufacture items such as plastic-injected goods or 3D-printed prototypes, the fair gave exhibitors the chance to promote their brands as well as educate customers on their unique benefits. Mr Akihiro Chiba, Section Manager for Takara Tool & Die Co Ltd, a first time exhibitor said: “We came to the show to expand our customer base for our injection mould and inserted mould products. Electronic manufacturers are our main customers, and we service some of the biggest names in Japan. The show has been very fruitful for us. We received more than 30 solid business leads by the second day. There’s a great deal of customers for us in China and Asiamold provides a great venue to meet them.”

Mr Jason Ma, Deputy General Manager, Shanghai Union Technology Co Ltd added: “We are a 3D printing company that works with DSM in providing prototyping services to a range of manufacturing businesses. It is our second time exhibiting at Asiamold. We came back because we received a great deal of business leads from our last participation. Our main goal was brand awareness, as the concept of outsourcing prototyping services is still fairly new with buyers of moulds and dies. Thanks to the support of DSM, we have been able communicate our sectors unique selling point as well as promote the benefits our company can offer. Asiamold was a great show for us to be a part of.”

Fellow exhibitor, Ka Shui Manufactory Co Ltd, joined the show for a second year due to the high number of business leads their participation provided last year. Mr Nick Chen, Marketing Supervisor for the company noted: “This year our main goal is to export our die-cast and plastic-injected products to overseas car, camera, computer and telephone manufacturers. We are very satisfied with the performance of the 2013 show. We gained several great leads from just the first day and there were some fantastic discussions from visitors. I am sure we will rejoin the fair again in the future.”

Visitors shared equal praise for the show’s ability to meet their sourcing needs as well as present new solutions that could help grow their businesses. Mr Peer Christensen, Engineering Manager, Lego Company Ltd shared: “I came to Asiamold for the first time this year to source dies and moulds for our business. We currently produce our toys across Europe and North America, but will be opening up our first factory in China next year to grow our business in Asia. It is a good show with lots of variety. I’m sure I will continue to visit Asiamold as our production business grows in the country.”

Another prominent visitor, Mr David Lu, Manager of Tooling for Footwear at Adidas Sourcing Limited commented: “I came to the show with my colleagues to look for the latest technologies and solutions to improve mould production in high-quality footwear. We were surprised to have found some professional suppliers offering quality materials at a low cost. The show seems to have recruited more exhibitors specialised in 3D printing this year. We’ve had discussions with these firms and are glad to learn more about this fast-growing technology.”

Concurrent fringe events promoted emerging innovations in mould making technology

Over the course of the three-day exhibition, a series of seminars and forums where held on emerging technologies and solutions in mould and die development. Through Messe Frankfurt’s Agora platform and the Third Asiamold Global Mold Making Technology Innovation Summit, 15 industry experts held discussions on topics ranging from 3D scan technology and its application for mould design to flexible manufacturing technology in mould production. Speakers and attendees shared equal praise for the insightful information made available.

Mr Victor Clement, Member of the ISO 14006:2011 standard drafting group expressed:I was invited to Asiamold to speak about my firm’s current standard in green development for mould and die products. The ISO 14006 standard is growing in popularity with Chinese mould and die-cast product makers, as they seek to enter European and American markets. I am very impressed with the quality of the show as well as the high level of knowledge on industry trends displayed by visitors. We had some great discussions from attendees.”

Fellow speaker, Mr Ma Jie, Founder of Tianjin Vision Sensitive Technology Co Ltd said: “My company specialises in 3D scanning and is expanding the application into the moulding industry. Asiamold is an important trading hub and influential platform where I can introduce our technology and services. I am delighted to have exchanged ideas and thoughts with all the experts who are gathered at this occasion.”

Mr Elvis Pang of Orion Technology Co Ltd in Shenzhen, an attendee commented: “I was very impressed by the level of topics discussed at the show’s fringe event’s this year. I attended several forums, and was able to learn that 3D printing technology, which is the area my company specialises in, is quickly gaining a lot of attention from mould manufacturers and buyers. I visit Asiamold every year, and I am looking forward to the next edition.”
Asiamold is organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt in cooperation with EuroMold, the Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries Limited and Guangzhou Die & Mould Industry Association. The show is also a part of an alliance with member shows in Africa (AfriMold), Asia (INTERMOLD Japan, INTERMOLD Korea), Europe (Euromold, RosMould) and the Americas (AmeriMold).

The next edition of Asiamold will take place from 15 – 17 September 2014 at the China import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou.

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